“Overheatus mylaptopus” is it lurking inside YOUR Laptop?

overheatus mylaptopus
Is your Laptop getting hot? Is it uncomfortable to actually have it on your lap? Then you may have “overheatus mylaptopus” lurking inside your laptop….This is a combination of dust, dead skin and hair from your home or office that is gathered up by the fan and blown onto the heat-sink. The heat-sink is designed to keep your laptop cool and once your laptop has this condition it is TERMINAL. This specimen was taken from a dead laptop it had overheated and blown the main bo...
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Which passwords?

Passwords can be a real pain to remember and also to come up with a new one. This software will remember all your password for you and also it can generate a new password that is very secure and then remember it for you so you no longer have to worry. Its secure as it keeps all your info on the computer and you can even back it up to a memory pen or disk. What is LastPass? LastPass is easy, secure password and data management. Not only is the LastPass Password Manager free, it saves yo...
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Safe updates?

I often get asked "What is safe to update on my computer"? Well here is the current list of programs you should update without fail whenever you receive a notification. Check back for more updates. 1. Windows updates inc the optional updates 2. Your Antivirus 3. Java 4. Adobe reader 5. Flash player Download this list to print off and keep by your PCDOWNLOAD There is software that will keep your programs up to date for you. Secunia PSI is one such program you can download it from the ...
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